CyberSecurity 2020 - An Empirical Study of Key Generation in Cryptographic Ransomware

Presenting a systematic study of various Windows API calls made by ransomware.

CyberSecurity 2020 - Memory Forensics Against Ransomware

Investigating key extraction via memory forensics against ransomware.

Cascadia JS - Raiders of the Javascript-based Malware

The abuse of Javascript by malware developers

ToorCon XX - Ransomware Versus Cryptojacking

Latest trends in modern malware

GrrCon - Crypto Gone Rogue

A tale of ransomware, key management, and the CryptoAPI

BSides Chicago - Hipster Ransomware

Hipster ransomware do more than mere encryption

eCrime - A Key-Management-based Taxonomy for Ransomware

The six categories of ransomware virulence