Hacking with Meterpreter Session on Kali linux / Backtrack | Post Exploitation

In my last post, I demonstrated how a vulnerable system can be discovered quickly using the nmap tool. We used the script ‘smb-check-vulns.nse’ belonging to the ‘vuln’ category. We used it in ‘unsafe’ mode which is very likely to crash the victim machine.

In this one, I exploit that system using Metasploit and obtain a meterpreter session:

We need to set the ‘rhost’ or remote host, the payload, and the ’lhost’ or localhost. The standard Metasploit command ’exploit’ will then run the module with these parameters configured.


Pranshu Bajpai
Pranshu Bajpai
Principal Security Architect

Pranshu Bajpai, PhD, is a principle security architect..